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!Fund of Free and Caring

In the time of war in Ukraine, Lviv has become a shelter for a large number of people forced to leave their homes. That’s why we feel the need to change the goal of our !Fund of Free and Caring. We focus !Fund’s efforts on two fields:

1. The Humanitarian Aid Office – together with Lviv City Council we provide aid to women and children in need to travel abroad temporarily and get social support there;

2. !FEST: food supply mission – we provide food and field ration to displaced people, volunteers, Territorial Defence Forces, and defenders on the frontline.

How to help? Donate!

The Humanitarian Aid Office


100% of your donation goes to housing and feeding refugees fleeing Ukraine.
5$ give food to one family per one day, 10$ pay accommodation for one-day family accommodation in social shelter, 50$ pay for one-way bus trip.


Warm food for refugees


Nearly from the first day of the war, in cooperation with the World Central Kitchen, we have cooked over 1 000 000 meals for refugees, volunteers, and our defenders.


Field ration for people in need


Universal set of products for both military and civilians who are temporarily forced to leave their homes.

  • Transfer funds according to bank details

    Legal address: Ukraine, Lviv, street Lemkivska, building 15a

    Purpose of payment: "The Humanitarian Aid Office"


    Joint Stock Company Raiffeisen Bank Aval
    Leskova str.9, KYIV, UKRAINE

    Correspondent bank: THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, New York, USA
    SWIFT-code: IRVTUS3N
    Account number: 890-0260-688

    Correspondent bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna
    Account number: 55022305

    Correspondent bank: BARCLAYS BANK. London.United Kingdom
    SWIFT-code: BARCGB22
    Account number: 83301931

Our team provides aid to people in need 

Coordinating safe transfer for women and children to hosting communities in Europe

Providing food and field ration for people in need

Giving shelter in local network of schools

We cooperate with communities in following countries Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Slovak Republic, Lithuania.

What aid we have provided

In 50+ days of war (and counting)

1 000 000+

We have cooked over 1 000 000 meals for refugees, volunteers, and our defenders

18 000+

More than 18 000 people safely transported to hosting communities


Safe transfer to European communities 300+ busses 

Help us deliver everyday aid to hundreds of thousands of people in need in Ukraine before they can reach international humanitarian aid abroad.
Your contribution can make a difference!

Lviv city